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Project Zero Information Release! (Game Of Thrones)

30 Jul 2015

Posted by Punkd in News & Updates

I truly do not know how to begin this post but simply by saying that Project Zero has been an extremely long awaited content.  This update has taken place over a period of 4 weeks and I am truly amazed of how far this update has come.  You've all waited long to hear for what Project Zero will really be, many of have constantly speculated.  Most of the staff-team already know what the content is and I've had them on the edge of their seats waiting for it's release.  Our expected launch date will be Saturday, August 1st.  I planned anyways for an August release so I'm glad the day has finally almost arrived.  This update has been long, extremely long and there are many different routes that Oblivion can take this content but we wanted to see which direction you would like this content to turn to, but there are many different routes that we can take this content and over the next few weeks it will still be constantly developed, this is only the beginning.  







Game of Thrones



We will be now naming this update "Game of Thrones".  Judging by the name you should probably be able to put everything together and already know exactly what the content is that we will be releasing.  
Below is an image of the Runescape World, the one you all know and love.  As you can see their are kingdoms, Falador, Varrock, Lumbridge, so on and so forth.  In a way I feel that Runescape was built to have kingdoms designed to have Kings or Queens, so we did exactly that.  
In Game of Thrones, players will be able to capture one of the kingdoms (In which a list will be given the day of release as to what kingdoms will be enabled to be captured) and you will be able to become a King or Queen of that specific kingdom depending on your gender.  
You will receive a 24 hour protection (will be explained why) over your new kingdom that is now yours, so that you are able to build your kingdom.  Now what do I mean by build your kingdoms?  Well here is the fun part, players will be able to speak to "King Arthur", and he will give players a set of choices of which kingdom the player would like to pledge their allegiance to and it will also show whoever the King or Queen is of that kingdom.



The combat system of Game of Thrones is specifically designed to give players overall freedom.  Once you pledge your allegiance to a kingdom, you become a knight of that kingdom.  After you are with a kingdom, your overall Oblivion experience will dramatically changed.  After the 24 hour protection of a kingdom is up, the kingdom will no longer be safe, you will now be attacked by other kingdoms!  
Now we added a system for players which will function as such.  We wanted to create a quick and easy drop-in/drop-out method for players who would like to raid kingdoms so we implemented the use of the FC system.  When you are inside your kingdom with your fellow knights and you create an fc, once other knights join that fc, a group raid will take effect.  Meaning that once you venture of to another city you wish to attack, the damage you deal will be calculated, especially when taking down the king of another city.  
Depending on the amount of damage you deal to the king will result in wether or not you will be given the option of becoming king of the city.  Being a King or Queen of a city takes a lot of responsibility and strategy, so we set up precautions for players who would try to beat our system and capture a city then log off for many weeks or capture a city and try to avoid death by logging off.  
A King/Queen cannot log off once the kingdom is switched into a dangerous area, the King/Queen will be force teleported to his/her kingdom to protect it, afterall why would a King have a kingdome if they were unable to protect it?  Once a King dies, then the city is lost and the Kingdom will be up for players to capture but, if the kingdom is able to successfully protect itself, then rewards await for the entire city.  




Now during the Medieval times, there was tons of chaos, wars erupted, people looted cities after they were sacked, so on and so forth. Well we decided to implement another way for a Kingdom to fall.  This would allow for players to choose multiple directions to take down a city, whether it would be a full out war on the city or a swift thieving attempt.  
Now, each kingdom will have its very own City Chest, and each chest will contain the wealth of the city.  Once the kingdom is captured a player will gain 500,000 gold towards the City Chest with a maximum capacity of 30,000,000 million gold.  
Now if a group of players decide to raid a city with the use of thieving, they simply must reach the City Chest strategically and thieve all the gold in the city chest up until it is empty, once the chest is empty then the kingdom will be lost and evidently the King/Queen will lose their kingdom.  

Non-Combat Players


Some players are simply not into the whole onslaught, fighting scene.  Some players are more or less PvM types of people or skillers? 
If you're one of those people then we've created a way for you to enjoy being with a kingdom whilst benefiting the entire city.  Once you join a kingdom, as I've said previously your entire Oblivion experience will take a dramatically different turn, every single thing you do will earn the city gold, whether it's woodcutting, fighting bosses, fishing, cooking, everything you do, will earn the city gold.  
Even if it may not be tons of gold from your perspective, but if a kingdom has 10-15 people, it will accumulate to a lot of gold.  Although it would probably be nice if you came to protect the city every one in a while if it were under attack.

Kings and Queens



For the future Kings and Queens I speak to you directly.  If own a Kingdom you run the show, you are given the option to kick out of your kingdom whoever you may choose and you are the only person who has access to the entire City Chest.  You are not allowed to withdraw any gp for yourself so don't get too excited.  You are given the use of the City Chest to upgrade the kingdoms defenses and give bonuses out to the people who have pledged their alliance to you!  Now what do I mean by upgrade defenses of a kingdom?  
Well you will be allowed to purchase npcs (Guards, Warriors, so on and so forth) to give you extra aid in protecting the city (I also wont list all of the possible defenses that can be purchased).  These npcs don't work for a one time fee, they are giving their life for you, so after you have purchased these npcs, up until their death you will have to repurchase them again if you would like them to protect your kingdom.  Another way you can benefit the entire kingdom and the players who fight for you is by rewarding them with xp bonuses, bonus loot drops.  
The upgrade system for weapons and armor will be utilized in this update as well.  This has not yet been determined as to how the player will obtain a briefcase which is an item that when used on a weapon or armor, it will advance it to the next level (Max level of any weapon/armor is 10) and of course the attributes of the items will also go up for each level.  I will release information as to how they will be obtained, and their will be a second way for players to obtain it instead of playing Game of Thrones but, it will be far more difficult.  
Some of you may also be worried if another player might have an advantage in case if they are a Donator, and no they will not, each kingdom will always start the same way and depending on how successful the city is will depend on how well the King/Queen manages the city.  
Although donators will gain access to some very special things in this update so if you are a donator, I'd say be very excited for what will be coming in the days following the release of Game of Thrones, otherwise if you aren't a donator, your kingdom can always be just as successful if you manage it strategically.  
This Update is purely focuses almost everywhere, I think we hit every single part that we wanted to and gave this update 100%.  Since we will be the only server with this update it'll definitely seperate us from every other server and make us unique.  Please let us know what all of you think about this update, we all want to hear what the community thinks about this since we worked extremely hard on this update.  I hope you all enjoy it and I hope I've gotten you all excited and waiting on the edge of your seats for this update!
Also you cannot conquer the entire Runescape World yet!  That is an idea we are thinking about but you cannot own more than one Kingdom at a given period of time.  I may have left some information out so I'll edit this post as questions start to come out about Game of Thrones.  Thank you all to the community for waiting so long for this update and I myself am excited to see the launch of this content and see whose kingdom will emerge as the best!
Also If you aren't part of a city then you are considered neutral!  So you can walk freely through the kingdoms without harm!  Also each kingdom is sectioned off by borders.

Credits go to King Fox for the idea of player owned kingdoms.

Your Owner,

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Forum Registration

18 Jul 2015

Posted by blacksabath in News & Updates

So I have been seeing problems with new users not being able to register accounts due to a forum database error after creating their account. I have found the issue and that has been fixed.


Your Developer: BLACKSABATH

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